One Mission, One People, One Fire.

As ambassadors for positive social change, we aspire to keep the Spirit of purity, honesty, and integrity when representing the Coosa Nation of North America.

We are committed to taking action concerning Human Rights violations against North American Aborigines reclassified as Indian, Colored, Mulatto, Negro, Afro-American, Black-American, and lastly African-American as a result of imperialism and colonialism.  We submit North American Aborigines have been denied the most basic rights of self-identification through generational miseducation and forced reclassifications.  We are raising public awareness about the injury of Ethnic Genocide committed against Native North American Aborigines due to colonial occupation of our Mother Land.




Where Our Feet Touches the Soil 

our declaration

WE ARE the ancient ani coosa

​​Coosa Nation of North America (USA)

Divisions of COOsa Nation

CNNA Dept. of Human Services

Southern Aborigines were generally known as Ani Coosa before colonization began. Our Ancestors recognized themselves as a Nation no matter what family, clan, tribe, or band they came from throughout the Southern States of present day USA. Ani Coosa (aka ANI-KUUSA) was and is the primary representative, socio-political government of the Ancestral State itself.  We, the descendants of the ancient Ani Coosa (who are original Native North American Aborigine people) have now reclaimed our ethnic identity along with our native culture in the USA.  By reactivating our lawful native government, we are answering the call of our Ancestors to right the wrongs of our past.