​​Coosa Nation of North America (USA)

Lamar Perryman

Principal Chief Red Man- State Representative

Rev. Dr. Monique Tate 

Principal Chief High Priestess Blue Feather

Myelyah Benson 

Chief of Administration 


Board Member

Curtis Gentles 

 Commissioner of Community Development

Anita Lawson

Chief Mother 

Mikeyrah Stewart


MiKaelah Tate 


Tamra Davenport

Chief Compliance Officer

Mi'Kael M. Tate 


advisory Board 

Tanesha Gentles 

Board Member

The Coosa Nation of North America (USA) has emerged as grassroots advocates for the North American Aborigine People socially reclassified and now living mostly amongst African-American communities as well as other populations. As self-identified North American Aborigines, we have reactivated our social and political identity, the Coosa Nation of North America (USA) as our own Native American Socio-Political Entity to address the critical needs of our forgotten Clans in areas of spirituality, education, economics, healthcare, community investment, profit-sharing and other matters that are vital to a well-organized, conscious, and progressive people.  

We at CNNA (USA) have a very traditional government setup. We have a Matriarchal Head of State who is also a Medicine Woman and Aboriginal American Indian High Priestess. We have a Principal Chief who is the chairperson and acts as our National and State Representative. Our constitutions are the recombined Iroquis Cayanoshogowa and the Muscogee Talwa. We operate in a Tricameral Polity. A Chief and Chieftess, a COOSA National Council, and COOSA High Court. We also have a democratic-republic- socialist form of government where there is an elective and appointed polity. At this time the Advisory Board is now serving in a quasi-legislative capacity until a full council is elected. 

council of youth  

Justin Benson

Board Member


Board Member

Mi'Kael Tate  

Chief Operating Officer 

CNNA Executive Cabinet 

CNNA Legislative Cabinet 

Lawanda Collier

Board Member

Arcola Childs

Board Chair

Taliyah Mahli 

Chief Secretary of State 

Marilyn Horton

Chief Mother 



The Executive Wise Council​ 

Micaiah Tate 

​Vice- President 

One Mission, One People, One Fire.