​​Coosa Nation of North America (USA)

We are AH-live!
“Reconnecting to Nature is a step in the right direction toward holistic healing.  Reviving the Great Spirit within is a revolution of Inner Peace.  ”

(Dr. Moz)

Healing & Learning Services

Sacred Space for Children

  • Therapeutic Education


  • Individual & Family Intervention

Gardening & Art 

Healing Circles 

Storytelling & Lectures

Sacred Ceremonies

Please email: chief-bluefeather@outlook.com for Consultations and Sacred Ceremonies 

Where Our Feet Touches the Soil

Spiritual Center of Healing and Learning 

One Mission, One People, One Fire.

…Is our indigenous garden for healing and learning located at our headquarters.  We offer HOLISTIC Services such as spiritual counseling, therapeutic education & sacred healing training in a Nature-based setting.