Where Our Feet Touches the Soil

​​Coosa Nation of North America (USA)

We are AH-live!
“Reconnecting to Nature is a step in the right direction toward holistic healing.  Reviving the Great Spirit within is a revolution of Inner Peace.  ”

(Dr. Moz)

…Is our indigenous garden for healing and learning located at our headquarters.  We offer HOLISTIC Services such as care coordination, spiritual counseling, therapeutic education & sacred healing training in a Nature-based setting.  

One Mission, One People, One Fire.

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Unlocking the Mother (MAH) Tongue With-IN

Healing & Learning Services

Sacred Space for Children

  • Therapeutic Education


  • Individual & Family Intervention

Healing Circles 

Storytelling & Lectures

​Gardening & Art

Sacred Ceremonies

Please email: chief-bluefeather@outlook.com for Consultations and Sacred Ceremonies 

Spiritual Center of Healing and Learning