Part One- Download and Complete information for primary registrant.  If you do not have a Native name at this time, or don’t know your family Clan/Tribe please leave blank.  
Part Two- List all the members of your current household.  Please include your children whether they live with you or not.
Part Three-A/ B- Use your oral history (memories) and/or documents from your checklist to help you list as many Parents (alive or deceased) that you can.
Part Four- Write as much as you know about your family history, especially stories about Indians in your family.  Reach out to as many family members as you can to help put the pieces of your family tree together.  Elder relatives are a great resource for this section!Type your paragraph here.

​Part Five- Turn in completed form. Schedule Registration Interview

Our very first Coosa Wedding officiated by Principal Chief- High Priestess Blue Feather on April 22, 2017 at the Coosa Nation Governmental Headquarters. This day is significant because it not only marked Earth Day but also the official date for our coummnity land trust for the right of return for our people. 

Aborigine Ceremonies 

The Henderson Rolls

​​Coosa Nation of North America (USA)

Here you can access documents relevant to your search for family heritage as well as information linking us to the lands of our ancestors by clicking on the picture. 

GA Primer 

One Mission, One People, One Fire.

Chief Myelyah (ThunderCat) Benson & Chief Justin (NightWolf) Benson

American Drip

UN Drip

CNNA Registry Announcements 

Sh’NAH AH KAH! Welcome and blessed return!  May our Ancestors shine upon you and your family for choosing to embrace your Native American Aboriginal heritage.  The journey has been difficult for many of us living unrecognized in our own Motherland.  Being denied the existence of our Ethnic Identity is a gross violation of our basic human right to self-identify.  We at Coosa Nation are here to remedy our situation as our national transition team is prepared to assist our people in their Right of Return.

Below is a link to the National Registry Form-1, directions, and checklist for quick processing and successful completion.  We are members of the same family tree.  There are no membership fees or dues associated with our registration process.  Once the form is completed and processed, you will be issued a Coosa ID and Certificate of Registry. 

Choosing the path of the Right of Return can be emotional as well as life-changing.  However, our national transition team is ready to walk beside you and your family.  We look forward to working with you and your family as sisters and brothers to grow a prosperous Native American Aboriginal Village. 

National Registry Checklist 

       Birth Certificate 

                   Marriage Certificate

        Death Certificate

            Census Records

                             Family Photos/Journals/Article  Photo ID


Schedule a Registration Processing Interview by contacting our administration department @

(678) 752-8455 or 

cnna national registry Center 


A Message from Principal Chief,

Dr. Monique Tate

The Birthing of StarSEEDs

National Registry Document Library